Our Mission


Our Mission



Our Mission

To provide quality Christian early childhood education in a safe, loving, and caring atmosphere; daily teaching God's forgiveness and love through our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Our Philosophy

Bethany Lutheran Preschool believes children are unique individuals created and loved by God. Children will develop healthy relationships and patterns of adjustment; learning and growing in a warm, loving, responsive environment with adults who provide individualized quality care. Our policies are rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Teachers uphold the understanding and belief of the importance of Law (consequence for misbehavior) and Gospel (forgiveness for the repentant).  

The preschool program is a child-centered, developmental program, that promotes and stimulates each child’s physical, social, emotional, intellectual, creative, and spiritual needs in a safe and healthy Christian atmosphere. Children will have the opportunities to learn through play and interaction. Play is a vitally important part of child development and is essential for every child’s health and well-being. 

Bethany Lutheran Preschool strives to help each child develop a positive self-image and develop a personal relationship with God. 

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